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How A Criminal Record Can Affect A Divorce Case

Every divorce case is complicated – though some are more so than others. Some arrive at the decision mutually and remain amicable with one another. Some, however, are highly more complex than that. There is something universal about a divorce case, though: the marriage just isn’t working for one reason or another and at least one person in that union wants their best chance in life with someone else or just by themselves.

There are many variables to consider regarding a divorce, especially if the couple in question own a significant estate or are in custody of a child or several children. According to the website of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, family law prioritizes the needs of the child before anything else. However, a criminal record can significantly influence the case in favor of one person or another, despite it not contributing to the case at all.

For example, say the person in question is a loving father but has a criminal record of theft or maybe even substance abuse. Even if this hypothetical father were to do everything in his power in order to rehabilitate himself, there is a chance for the favor to go to the spouse in question. The criminal record will remain a stain on whoever it holds due to the negative connotation that it presents of the person’s character. A Collin County criminal defense lawyer will probably tell you that that will always be the case and when filing for a divorce, these variables need to be taken into consideration in order to be presented properly and within an appropriate context.